Cottage Cheese and Walnut

Perhaps I should write a long essay about: when I was born, how good my childhood was, how I ended up in the field of confectioners or how I ended up here, etc. Obviously no one really cares about these. These few seconds of checking a new website do not go well with long, detailed essays.

That is why I decided to share small stories with our audience that are part of the Tomo bonbon story:

It must have happened that you got home from a long day of work - or from wherever – you opened the fridge and realized that there is no dinner, sometimes not even the ingredients that are needed for a fast and easy dinner. This happened to me once. There was a great radio program in the afternoons about how to create fast and delicious meals from things found in your fridge. I gave it a try – which helped me create flavours also used in my bonbons, but there were bad combinations as well – just like cottage cheese and walnut.

2 weeks before Christmas, I opened the fridge and the only 2 things I found I there were cottage cheese and walnut. I took them, added them together with some spices. I tasted it. Let me tell you something: I shouldn’t have…

And it was born…

For another occasion I wanted to create a cake, but not a usual one, something special. Since I love punch cake, my first idea was that I take out the middle of the sponge cake and fill it with the well known filling. However I had a twist. I filled the sponge cake with a special chocolate filling and I created a chocolaty coating for the top. I put it in the freezer until cold and placed a layer of marzipan over the top! This is how it was born…my all time favorite.


History is present, but we don’t stop and look at it every single day. It is worth it! One of my friends came over for dinner and after talking for hours, I served some bonbons for him. He tried it and asked for some samples for his entire family. I was certain that it was worth experimenting with flavours as he has been enjoying those bonbons ever since. He criticizes a lot, he is a man of unfiltered opinions, but I have to thank a lot to him. His name is Attila Barán, bass player, a business man today.

Special thanks to:

There are a group of people whose names should appear in the story of Tomo bonbon – from creation to execution – and who I am eternally grateful for:

Tibor Kocsis, confectionary teacher, Csilla Barabás master confectioner, Ildikó Horváth confectioner, Attila Veszely master confectioner, Gabi Nánássy, my partner, Krisztián Mayer graphic designer, Tibor Sipos economist, Pál Péter Bárdos economist, my nephew.

Tomo bonbon

We are happy to create bonbons that make you experience the harmony of flavours!