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Fabulous voice

If we discuss flavours, many have been discovered. My flavours were inspired by people. Those who meant a lot to me and – likewise – I meant a lot to them. The Fabulous Voice recorded one song for me which found the center of my heart. This - the everlasting adoration between father and daughter – is what I try to form into flavours. This is how I created a bonbon with chestnut which I dedicate to my chirping bird, Barbara Bárdos. Recommended to be served alone as well as for high quality black coffee (espresso). As during every tasting, take a síp of the coffee and have a bonbon served on room temperature. After you take another síp of the coffee, you will experience aromas that cause the highest culinary adventures.

Available in sugar-free also

I used to have many friends, now only a few. There is one in particular who loves sweets, and who I have a lot to thank to – through this I want to thank her and for her long-lasting friendship. Tabby is the name of the chocolaty bonbon made with nuts which I dedicate to dr. Annamária Szabó – with my everlasting friendship. Recommended with Lungo (long espresso). Take a bite after each sips of coffee – a true bomb of energy!

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Mandrake (Dreamgrass) is not to be taken literally. Poppy seed and its flavour are loved by Hungarians and serve as an interesting adventure for foreigners. My mother taught me about this system of flavours which I am ready to show to all dessert lovers. I would say that you cannot stop eating this - which is not far from the truth - however its complex and dense body makes it impossible to overconsume. Recommended with espresso or cappuccino. I dedicate this bonbon to my beloved aunt, the opera singer Annie Spiegel.

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I had a wonderful mother. Cultured, clever and loveable. She taught me about love for music, beauty, culture and she also taught me the basics of cooking. I made the filling of this bonbon with her - which we used in bejgli back then (famous nutty yeast dough roll). I dedicate this bonbon to her, which works well with black coffe (espresso). It dissolves and softens the taste and creates a harmony of flavours. Have a sip of wine, then take a room-temperature bonbon, then another sip of wine, then another bite of bonbon. I dedicate this bonbon to my beloved mother, Hercezeg Judit. Works well with a nice cup of black coffee, too!

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When I created Tomo bonbon, I did not want to create this chocolaty bonbon – however it was an easy path. Initially it was not meant to be a wine dessert, nevertheless, it works very well with sweet red wines. I made it because of my beloved grandson - it is also available for adults as well with a splash of alcohol. In the end, a bonbon was created that works well in itself, or with serious black coffee. I recommend this bonbon to my grandson, Alex Áron Bárdos,

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We were sitting together with my Gabi in the kitchen while we were having some beer. She came up with a new flavour, which we created immediately – it was so interesting, so unusual that we “translated” into a bonbon. We were fine-tuning it a bit and we came up with a nutty dessert that works super well with a cinnamon cappuccino. This is the combination of sweet and salty – a harmony of flavours which I have always believed in. I dedicate this bonbon to Gabi Nánássy, my beloved and creative partner, who is next to me on the road of life.

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The Juicy

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Coffee fan

Coffee is becoming increasingly popular. Coffee has a deep and established culture - especially coming from various lands, prepared in various ways, roasted with ever-evolving techniques. Cafes and restaurants serve this popular drink. Once my nephew invited me for a special coffee and during our conversation I realized I want to make a coffee dessert. This is how I created this almond-based bonbon which I recommend to those who love drinking coffee, not only for its caffeine during the mornings. I dedicate this bonbon to Pál Péter Bárdos, my nephew – without him there would be no coffee dessert!

I have created this special bonbon, Ballsy, for dry white wines but it turned out during the trial tastings, it was also divine for coffee. Why is it manly and ballsy? Because it has a spicy flavour, a ballsy aroma, and works well with manly dry white wines. However, I recommend to all ladies who love characteristic and special flavours - without wine, this bonbon is just as strong in creating a heightened culinary experience. I dedicate this bonbon to my uncle, György Tarpay, who is a truly manly man.

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I have created this bonbon because of my friend, Attila Barán, who happens to be a bass player. A traditional flavour that brings back a decade of memories – is always a tireless must when it comes to dessert flavours that my fellow dessert makers and I have to follow – as audiences love it! This is non other than brandied cherries that are spicy, sweet and sour at the same time. May be served as it is, but works very well with a nice espresso. I dedicate this bonbon to my sister, dr. Kata Bárdos.

Available in sugar-free also

Made with various spices, this surprisingly aromatic snack works well with coffee. Its spicy flavour is a result of those special spices used that are quite healthy. We love it because of its flavour. Recommended to be eaten as a whole as its flavours only work if you do not take small bites of the bonbon – despite biting being the more popular method of eating bonbons. Works absolutely well with Coffee Latte. I dedicate this bonbon to my brother, dr. György Bárdos.

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How could I leave out a cinnamon bonbon from this lineup? This spice is healthy, characteristic, and special. It was not created for a specific drink, however works very well with a cup of cappuccino. This bonbon is light, not harsh, but harmonic. I dedicate this bonbon to one of my oldest friends, Mátyás Gajdacs, who is a baker and chemical engineer.

Available in sugar-free also