Tomo Bonbon Tasting

Why do we do tastings? Why are we so interested in the flavour and the harmony of the tasting components?

How do we do it at Tomo bonbon? We take a sip of our drink selected for the bonbon. We enjoy the aromas and exhale through our nose to smell the aroma of the drink as well. We take the bonbon as a whole, we eat it and breathe out again to feel the aromas of the bonbon. Then, we take another sip of the selected drink.

I recommend you to chew thoroughly, on all sides of the tongue as you will feel different flavours on each sides! It is worth to try multiple times as you might experience different flavours in each tasting sessions!

Wineries, Breweries, restaurants, cafes, catering companies, private and corporate event planners and participants are welcome to taste our desserts! Book your tasting session in email or over the phone.
Many of our Tomo bonbon products contain alcohol. Consumption of Tomo bonbon is not recommended for minors under 18.

Place and Time

After securing the place and time, the only thing left is to invite your guests!

Reach us!

You can reach us via email to discuss the details of the tasting session.

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