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The Wine Dessert

It is impossible to find the word “wine dessert” in the dictionary, however, we all know what it refers to. Wine dessert is simply described as dessert for wines – a real present. It is a delicacy that has a magical impact on the wine tasting experience, on how you sense the wine’s scent and flavour – giving a different twist to it, a phenomenal essence. We eat wine desserts to feel even more special flavours and experience a heightened culinary experience. Wine and Dessert, the true harmony of tastes.

It was only serendipity I realized in 2010 that I would like to make wine desserts. Back then I created these chocolaty delicacies – that I have been mastering since then – which I wholeheartedly recommend to those who love to experience truly magical flavours and who wish to enjoy the wine tasting experience as a “sweet dream”.

Tomo Bonbon

Questions, Testing, Feedback

During the testing period, I have realized that Tomo bonbon works very well with light beers – Pilsner, vodka, spirits, whisky, cognac, champagne, what is more, with various rums. In the Products section, I have noted those desserts that are suitable for the aforementioned drinks. It may sounds like I am boasting, but I am sure about one thing: my bonbons are just as excellent by themselves. However, I recommend to combine Tomo bonbons and drinks, according to the notes in the Products section, as they complement each other very well. I truly hope that whoever tries my desserts will think the same.

Tomo Bonbon

Healthy Lifestyle

Many of my close friends asked about sugar free and vegan options. The idea seemed a bit farfetched from the original wine dessert, however, I viewed this as a great challenge to create delicious and healthy bonbons. I came up with a collection of bonbons that represent my taste – Bon appetite!

tomo bonbon

``Coffee fan``

Nowadays, coffee is becoming increasingly popular. Coffee has a deep and established culture – especially coming from various lands, prepared in various ways, roasted with ever-evolving techniques. Cafes and restaurants serve this popular drink for which I have created different desserts – which I would recommend greatly!

Tomo Bonbon

Variants of dessert

  • Wine desserts
  • Sugar free
  • Coffee desserts






Tomo Bonbon


Tomo BonBon is happy to organize product intros and demos, paired with bonbon tasting sessions, which prove customers that these desserts are dreamy! We are happy to prepare your order for special occasions – also adding the recommended drinks to them – which can be ordered on the website!

Our products may contain alcohol. Consumption under the age of 18 is not recommended.